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  • Save up to 20%: Experience cost-efficient construction without compromising quality
  • Built to last: Enjoy a fully compliant extension and enhance the value of your home
  • Eco-friendly living: Benefit from superior insulation and sustainable materials

Modern methods of construction for affordable extenstions

Dreaming of an open plan kitchen, living, and dining space to enhance your family’s happiness?

Traditional home layouts often fail to meet today’s lifestyle demands, while newer homes frequently waste the space we crave. Until now, costs, concerns about mess, and planning complications have often been barriers to gaining the extra space we want and need.

Enter the solution: Acre Build’s comprehensive design and build service, leveraging unique, affordable, and eco-friendly construction methods. Acre Build combines a customer-centered and seamless project delivery process with forward-thinking technology to design and build first-class open plan rear extensions, all at a lower cost than traditional methods.

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Quote within 48 hours

Have you had trouble in getting prices from tradespeople in the past? Each project is fully priced within 48 hours of the first visit (yes even before you’ve had plans drawn up).

Modern methods of construction

Using our SIP on screw technology means projects are finished in a fraction of the time of traditional build, making our extension cheaper faster and greener than a normal extensions

Full design and build service

A seamless process taking you from initial site visit, through to completion with one company for a low fixed price

  • Set up by Alistair who wanted to change the way we build open plan
  • A modern contractor leveraging systems and technology to do things better
  • Tried and tested – SIP Timber frame panels and ground screws are not new technology, just new to extensions
  • Fully compliant extensions, warm, strong and green (unlike conservatories or traditional extensions)
  • Open plan living completed in as little as 4 weeks
  • Prefabricated walls built to mm accuracy
  • We can provide full costing BEFORE you’ve committed to even getting plans
  • We sort all the approvals for you
  • Regularly up to 20% cheaper than traditional construction techniques
  • Easily meets or exceed building regulations insulation requirements
  • Guaranteed completion date or money off your build cost
  • Due to build times, we have excellent capacity and can often get started quickly
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Frequently Asked Questions

Before committing to a construction company utilising SIP panel extensions or ground screws, clients may have several questions to ensure they understand the technologies and their implications. Some common questions might include:

SIP panels, or Structural Insulated Panels, are high-performance building materials consisting of a layer of insulation sandwiched between two structural panels, typically made of oriented strand board (OSB) or plywood. They differ from traditional construction materials in their efficiency, strength, and insulation properties. Traditional methods are slow, prone to errors and faults, and contain lots of concrete which produced CO2 in the manufacturing process, a dangerous green house gas.

SIP panel extensions offer several benefits over conventional building methods. These include enhanced energy efficiency, reduced construction time, lower labour costs, improved indoor air quality, and increased structural strength. Additionally, SIP panels contribute to sustainable building practices by minimising waste and reducing energy consumption over the building’s lifespan.

SIP panel extensions are versatile and can be adapted to various property types and architectural styles. Whether you have a modern, contemporary, or traditional home, SIP panels can be customised to meet your design preferences and structural requirements. See our page to explore your options.

SIP panel extensions are renowned for their superior insulation properties, which contribute to energy efficiency by minimising heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer. This can lead to lower heating and cooling costs over time, making SIP panels an environmentally friendly choice.

The expected lifespan of SIP panel structures is comparable to that of traditional builds, with proper maintenance and care. SIP panels are durable and resistant to common issues such as rot, mould, and insect infestations, potentially extending the lifespan of the building.

Ground screws, also known as screw piles or helical piles, are a foundation system consisting of steel screw-like rods that are drilled into the ground to provide structural support for buildings and other structures. They offer advantages over traditional foundation methods such as concrete footings or piles, including faster installation, minimal site disturbance, and suitability for various soil conditions.

Ground screws are suitable for a wide range of soil types, including clay, sand, gravel, and rocky terrain. They can be customised based on soil conditions and load requirements to ensure stability and structural integrity.

Ground screws can significantly reduce construction timelines and costs compared to traditional foundation methods. Installation is typically quicker and requires less labour and heavy machinery, leading to cost savings for clients.

Buildings constructed using SIP panels and ground screws generally require minimal maintenance. Regular inspections for signs of wear, damage, or moisture infiltration are recommended, along with routine cleaning and upkeep of the exterior finishes.

Construction using SIP panels and ground screws will require compliance with the building, similar to traditional construction methods. Luckily the Director at Acre Design, and Acre Build Alistair, worked in building control for over 10 years. Its this grounding in construction that led to the development of this system.

The construction process for SIP panel extensions typically involves several steps, including design consultation, site preparation, panel fabrication, assembly, and finishing. Ground screws are installed as part of the foundation preparation phase, providing a stable base for the SIP panel structure.

While SIP panel extensions and ground screws offer numerous benefits, there may be some limitations or drawbacks to consider. These may include higher upfront material costs for SIP panels, potential challenges with transportation and handling of large panel sizes, and site-specific considerations for ground screw installation, such as soil stability and accessibility.

WSIP panels and ground screws can be incorporated seamlessly into various design styles and aesthetics. The versatility of SIP panels allows for customiwation of exterior finishes, while ground screws offer a discreet and efficient foundation solution.

While SIP panel extensions and ground screws offer numerous benefits, there may be some limitations or drawbacks to consider. These include higher upfront material costs for SIP panels, some difficulties handling the panels on a tight site, and site-specific considerations for ground screw installation, such as soil stability and accessibility. Additionally the systemised approach means a slight reduction in the flexibility of design choices.

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