Revolutionising home extensions

From Building control to architectural innovation

A message from our CEO, Alistair

Welcome to Acre Design! I’m Alistair, the founder and CEO. My journey in residential construction spans nearly two decades, a career that began with muddy boots and evolved into leading an innovative architectural practice.

My path through the industry

Starting out in building control for councils in North Tyneside, Glasgow, and Perthshire from ages 19 to 29, I spent a decade navigating the complexities of compliance and on-site inspections. This experience granted me an intimate understanding of design and construction challenges unique to our region. The realization of recurring issues in traditional building practices, such as inefficient paperwork by builders and the prohibitive costs associated with architecturally designed homes, led me to envision a better approach.

Transforming vision into reality

In 2014, I established Acre Design with a clear focus: to provide beautiful, cost-effective architectural solutions for home extenders. Our approach caters to hardworking families looking to expand their living spaces without the exorbitant costs typically associated with such projects. Over the years, our services have expanded from small projects to managing substantial renovations and new builds. We now offer a comprehensive service that includes design, approval, tendering, and construction oversight, ensuring each project meets our high standards and compliance requirements.

Our evolution

Observing the shortcomings in the residential construction sector first-hand, I decided to transition Acre Design into a Design and Build firm. This strategic pivot aims to leverage modern technology and systematic approaches to deliver superior services at a lower cost. We’re not just changing how homes are built; we’re enhancing how they are designed, making high-quality, open-plan living accessible to more families.

Merits of using Acre Build
Acre Build Traditional contractor
Architectural design Included Nope
Planning approval submission Included That’s the architect’s job
Building regulations compliant Easily achieved, often exceeded If built properly!
How long until you can start? 4 months 10 months
How long until its complete 6 weeks 12 weeks
Cost £60,000 £80,000
Written guarantees, and values We live by them None here

Our guarantees

  • Timeliness: Receive a fee proposal within 48 hours of our initial site visit.
  • Transparency: Review the fee proposal before committing to detailed plans.
  • Reliability: We guarantee our completion dates and impose financial penalties on ourselves for any delays.
  • Trust: All projects are backed by signed contracts with fair terms—something not all firms can claim.

Our core values

  • Professionalism and Organisation: We operate with the highest standards of professionalism and systematic precision in every aspect of our work.
  • Innovation in Construction: We are experts in modern construction methods, continually seeking out and applying the latest advancements in our field.
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