How to ensure your building project runs smoothly

How to ensure your building project runs smoothly

Do you want to make sure you’re completely ready to undertake your long awaited extension or self build project?  Of course you do! It’s been a long time coming and by following these points you will be as well prepared as one can be, ready for a smooth build that’s completed on time and on budget.


# 1 Relationship between the builder

The key to a smooth build is a good relationship between the builder and the client onsite. Knowing what is expected of each other is essential to the success of a building project. Acre Designs clear specification and detailed plans will result in a good working relationship. Good communication at an early stage can save thousands.

# 2 Communication

Communication with neighbours from an early stage is important. One of the first things to do once a design scheme is nearing agreement is to take a plan round and introduce yourself and show them the proposals. If there is a problem, don’t let things build up, iron it out. Usually, the neighbours get frustrated or annoyed simply because they haven’t been involved from an early stage.

# 3 Schedules and Meeting

Acre Design works with a number of excellent contractors, however, it is important that you choose a builder you feel comfortable with and can envisage working well with. Ask them for a detailed schedule of works (if Acre Design hasn’t already produced this). So you have a point of reference, and arrange a regular meeting to discuss any changes to the plan and to check on progress.

# 4 Specification

Acre will consider everything thoroughly before building commences, and will ask for your thoughts and ideas, be sure to be thorough, no matter how trivial, if you mention something you’d like, we will ensure its accounted for in our specification. Changing the specification once the build is underway is possible, but may incur delays and additional costs.

# 5 Get booked in early

A common problem is the expectation that builders will be available in a short notice. Good builders can be booked up several months in advance.

# 6 How much do you have to spend?

Give the principal designer full disclosure on the desires for your home, but also the limitations, this is usually the amount of money you have to spend. We would never want to design something you loved, only to find out the design is unrealistic or unachievable because the funding wasn’t there. Knowing how much you have to spend is a key element affecting our design.

# 7 Read your quote!

Make sure you know exactly what you are getting from your builder. Get everything in writing, read your quote carefully and ask for it to be explained if it’s not clear.We will happily have everyone around the table to go through it all should it be required.

# 8 Getting your house ready

Most work will involve major upheaval. The contractor will cover everything anyway, but it does make thing a lot easier and safer if you got the house ready by removing all personal belongings and furniture -where practical. Leaving a clear workspace makes a big difference to the speed and often finish date for when the contractor is able to achieve.

# 9 Dream home is not far away

When projects start onsite, every party involved, the client, the principal contractor and principal designer should have no further questions about the task at hand. During the design phase, Acre Design will have agreed on a scheme with the client, and prepared all the necessary paperwork and specification, alongside the detailed plans and gained the necessary approvals. To get to that point, there will have been meetings with involved parties to iron out any issues or answer any questions and now is the time to put all that hard work into practice. Your dream home is not far away now!

Right from the start, at the “needs and options review” which proved incredibly worthwhile, Alistair and his team have provided professional, thorough and imaginative service. Our project has daunted us in many ways but Alistair has always been on hand to allay any concerns we had. He has been incredibly helpful, full of ideas and specialist advice throughout the process. Our extension has now been granted planning permission and building control approval. Thanks to Acre Design this is looking so much better than anything we could possibly have imagined.

Diana Robson

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