Modern house architecture trends 2018

Modern house architecture trends

The modern aesthetics trend is playing a huge role in architecture and architectural design, heavily featuring in homes we are seeing today. Modern residential architecture is based around clean, open plan living spaces – designed to fit in with the growing needs of a modern household. We have put together a few trends in modern house architecture we think you will find interesting…


Bringing the outside indoors

This is a common lifestyle trend – as the digital world is taking over our everyday lives, households want to inject a bit of nature back into their homes. Modern house architecture does this through making living spaces creative. We don’t just mean adding a few potted plants in your living space; this new trend involves the use of vertical gardens with vines creeping up and around your walls, or
even an indoor courtyard of trees – with added skylight features to really open up space.


Large Windows



Following on from the last trend, adding large windows and skylights are becoming increasingly popular within modern homes – they are basically the definition of modern architecture. Large windows and glass walls add that element of environmental connectivity to outside surroundings – they also really transform any space into a beautiful architecturally designed home.


Sustainable Homes

Self-sufficient homes are the dream for every homeowner. Renewable energy systems in a home environment are no longer as abnormal as they once were, more and more people are opting for solar and wind driven systems over fossil fuels. The cost of renewable energy is rapidly going down – and with consistent reminders of the environmental benefits of renewable energy sources – the demand of this lifestyle choice is increasing.


Transformable spaces

Rooms that have flexibility in regards to the layout and space are currently really popular. The reason open-plan layouts are now all the rage is because you have the ability to transform that space into anything you need. Also, the convenience of having everything you need all in a close proximity is becoming a growing household need. The trend is increasingly popular with smaller spaces too, being able to make the most use out of a really small space is so important. By adding simple features like, bigger windows and lifting the ceilings higher (when possible), it creates that bigger, more open plan feel and ambience.



Smart Home Features

As mentioned before, the home architectural trends will grow with current lifestyle trends. As digital features are taking over our daily lives, households have a desire to start incorporating these features into their homes. Enabling your home with the latest household digital software is currently one of the biggest modern architectural trends. Having a modern home design that will fit in with these adaptive features is so important.


Transitional Design

Last, but not least. Every home seems to have adopted that of the Pinterest, modern farmhouse style. Something that offers a classic look, but also has modern functionality. A home with contemporary, but a historic twist. Transitional style, basically means, to add a mix of traditional and modern furnishings and decorative features to the interior of your home. It’s all about finding the right balance of building attributes and the furnishings you put in it.


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